Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drunk dumb ass 16 year old kills a taxi cab driver

I haven't seen the whole report myself but this is what I know to be true. At around 6:15am on Monday 10/13... essentially Sunday night for those dumb asses drinkng underage till the next morning on GOD's day, a 16 year old kid was driving southbound on El Camino Real in San Mateo crossing 31st between TGI Fridays and Sears at the Hillsdale mall. He was speeding up the ramp where the road goes under Hillsdale Blvd, when he ran a red and T-bones a taxi cab on the driver's side and kills the unexpecting cabi. The dumbfuck then proceeds to run like a bitch only to be caught... so he can then be repeatedly fucked like a bitch for years to come. Hopefully. Of course they are keeping his name a secret because he's a minor, and because he's a minor he is being held in Juvenile hall. Boo throw his ass in jail and leave him there. What'll he learn in Juvi? He's gonna come out thinking punishment ain't so bad... It's ok to speed and run lights and kill people. Now he's some kind of big shot...

I cannot understand why this fucking idiot was speeding and running red lights on a holiday monday morning. You're drunk, don't drive. If you feel you must drive... drive slow. I would be the first person to slam my kid's face into the pavement if I ever found out he A) drove without a licence B) drank underaged C) ran a red light D) killed some poor guy driving a cab E) crashed my car. This kid did all 5.

After his little Jetta Tboned the cab, it caught fire and he took off running leaving his two passengers trapped in the back seat with multiple fractures and burns. They were pulled to safety by witnesses. He just ran off..... First she shows off how fast he drives..then he shows off how fast he runs.

The following is just random irrational angry pointless thoughts... Read if you want but you've been warned.

Maybe this is why I hope I have a girl. I work with all men i can tell you that a lot of them are assholes. I've played baseball in leagues with ALL guys and I can tell you a lot of them are assholes. At work we watch the news and one report after another it's the same thing.... a man raped this woman, 3 men robbed this building, a man kidnapped this young girl.... it never stops. Everyday, men are making fucked up decisions and ruining peoples retirement funds, men are mugging people on the street, throwing dogs into on coming traffic, ramming cows with fork lift forks... i've seen guys put a cat in a bag and slam it on a tree trunk. I've seen guys shoot a singing little bird out of a tree with a BB gun. WHY?

Are parents not teaching their children how to make wise choices... to stop and think before they act. In the past few years how many deaths have there been at the LA/SF baseball games. That i know of including the death in LA, I believe there have been 3.

This part is even more pointless ramble

Around my parent's house all you see are the middle class kids driving their parent's audi or SUVs and they're skirting around and speeding up the street at like 50mph. One even lost control and pulled a hit and run on our Cadillac. What is the point of acting so stupid, why do you need to run reds and skirt out and almost hit a person walking their dog? OMG people are so lucky i'm not a cop. I'd be that cop you all hate... I'd catch everyone that rolls through stop signs, I'd be that "terminator" cop waiting around the bend on Westborough blvd.

As you can see there is no structure to this blog or any of my blogs... i just write and write and write. Hopefully you can understand what i'm getting at though.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I got this email and in light of all the crap goin on I thought I'd post this quote.  

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Thomas Jefferson 1802

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who was that?

So I'm at work and I'm about to make myself some tea... walking towards the water machine when I notice this gigantic moth landing on my arm.  I mean big this guy was fuzzy, cream colored and old looking.  I wasn't scared, I like moths... I hate mosquitos ( i'll save that for another rant, though I should go off on that tangent NOW since I have a mosquito bite on my face!! ), hate ticks ( oooh do i hate ticks ) and nowadays...I'm really beginning to HATE ants.  Moths however, don't bother me at all.  In fact I let him chill on my arm for about 15 minutes, or until I noticed that everytime I moved my arm my jacket was kinda smooshing him.  Trippy thing was that he was looking up at me so intently and his big ass face was just starting up at me.
(please notice the beautiful blue and yellow paint on the ground... i did that shit... bleh) again with the digressingssss.  Well it was at this moment that I remembered a Filipino superstition.  When a moth comes near you ( and this one was really near me) that is believed to be a loved one that has left us, coming by to see you or say goodbye to you.  I suddenly realized how much this guy looked like my dad.  NOOOOO!   I call my house, he's fine.  Whew!  I call my spouse just in case cause he's driving home from Carmel.... he's fine too.  hmm, if this isn't a loved one saying goodbye why is he sitting on my arm staring up at my face?
Well I let him rest on my tool box cause I've got to get back to work but I wonder, does this little visit speak of my love for animals and little thingys like him?  Like Snow White but less charming so instead of a pretty butterfly I get this old man of a moth?  
I left him sitting on my box, I was petting him and stuff but even I began to feel like that may be a little weird... besides with my fingers and hands being so tough now I couldn't even feel him under my fingertips so I stopped so I don't crush him.  I imagine he'll be dead on my box tomorrow unless one of my coworkers see him and smoosh him.  A couple weeks ago I had a big ol'dragonfly.  Dead of course but he was an interesting thing to look at.  I couldn't bring myself to touch him, I had to hold him with gloves on.  He was really cool to look at though, seriously, when do you ever get to look at those guys?  Okay I get it, I'm sounding a bit morbid but eventually the wind blew him off my toolbox.  While i'm talkin about bugs.... a fucking mosquito bit my cheek this week.  I still have the bite right now!  Fucker.. I was driving around the yard parking a bus when I noticed something fly off my face.  MUTHA fucka that better have been a moth, i wouldn't mind that so much, though it would be gross... please don't let it be a mosquito.  Really though let me check online, i'm sure they have no purpose.  eh.. they have a slight purpose.  Their eggs feed fish and frogs eat mosquitos.  ooooooh so why is he biting my face?  Anyway.  It's 1am on Saturday and i'm feverish.  So I'm blogging about bugs.   So?

PS....  I'm in charge of turning on the bug zapper at work everynight at 6pm.  It's a task i'm proud to take on.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm falling deeper and deeper in love

I'm watching TV at my parent's house and one of the shows has this great song i've always thought was cute but never knew the title or artist.  I ask my mama if she knew it... of course she didn't.  If I don't know it she definitely wouldn't know it.  I wondered, would I get lucky enough that the show would play this song long enough for MY LOVE to figure it out?  Could I get to close enough to the TV and get my IPHONE out quick enough?  It's been a bit slow and stuff but would it do me right this time?  YES!  I find my phone in my purse, get it to the home screen, hit SHAZAM and begin to tag the song... dammit the chick in the show is talkin over the song... shazam can't figure it out.  I try again... my goodness the song is still playing pretty loud and clear too.  Ha!  she shuts up the the song is still goin...  Shazam!  I got the song title and artist.  [Sigh...] 

When you have something that will provide you with precious info on a dime, info that no one could give you just like that... if you don't know any other person that likes the same shit as you...and there for could NEVER tell you the name of that song playing right now.... you can't help but fall in love with this thing.  

I love you Iphone

The Sundays
Here's Where the Story Ends

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I can't imagine what i'm about to rant about would be of interest to anyone but dammit i'm over it and i wanna kick and scream!!

I was at work last finally doin some work after 2 weeks of taping and painting. We're getting the shop ready for a base inspection ( we do it twice a year it sucks!). Can't tell you why but it seams they ( my supervisors ) think i'm the only one in the shop that knows how to tape up the lines on the ground and repaint the lines on each stall in shop. Scrape the old paint, tape up the lines, paint ( 3 coats ), paint all the bus lifts, paint all brake pit, paint the steam rack! Fuck!

Ok finally yesterday I get to do some real work. I'm hit with the realization..... I fuckin hate my job! I hate the fuckin monotony of fixing the same buses again and again. If my car was this problematic i'd set it on fire!

Ok let me explain a little in case I still have someone's attention. At the base I work at we've got a little over 120 buses. I was given a defect card from the driverof 104 stating that the ABS dash light was on all day on . I look in the file for bus 104 to check the history...that way if another mechanic has worked on the ABS ( anti-lock brack system ) we wouldn't be wasting time doin something another mechanic has already tried. Anyway! I can see that this same bus was in the shop a few days ago for the PA mic being bad, it was replaced. Last week the AC system wouldn't turn on... a fuse was replaced. Just last week the ABS light was on and was already repaired!!! Holy Crap! We fix'em and fix'em and fucking fix'em and they keep fuckin breaking! Those are good buses, they are clean, they run smooth, they've got good tires and good brakes don't worry about that....but My God changing a transmission is one thing, changing the brakes is another but constantly fixing those little things and troubleshooting things that shouldn't break so often is ridiculous. If my car had an ac problem one day and a headlight out the next i'd sell that shit!

That's what we do all day, on swing shift we fix those little problems the driver's write up and i can't believe how often those things go bad. Headlights only last a few months, wipers fall off during service, the passengers are cutting the seats with a knife. On graveyard it's the same shit different story. We do preventative maintenance, where we look inside, outside, under the bus and in the engine for "defects".... after all the work we do on swing shift fixing all the driver's defects... the guys on graveyard will still find like 30 interior defects and 15 exterior defects ie. lights out moulding falling off, wipers bad. Dam! Now swing shift has to fix all that shit.... it's the same shit all day all week all year!

Thanks goodness i'm in school trying to do something better, more lucrative and hopefully more rewarding. It's just a scary thought to know that i'm not even half way through my first semester back and have so long to go. That just tells me how much longer I have to deal with all these buses constantly needing the same little repairs.

I've just got to hang in there and before too long i'll be working 3 12's and complaing about something else entirely i'm sure. The difference..... a lot more money =)