Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm falling deeper and deeper in love

I'm watching TV at my parent's house and one of the shows has this great song i've always thought was cute but never knew the title or artist.  I ask my mama if she knew it... of course she didn't.  If I don't know it she definitely wouldn't know it.  I wondered, would I get lucky enough that the show would play this song long enough for MY LOVE to figure it out?  Could I get to close enough to the TV and get my IPHONE out quick enough?  It's been a bit slow and stuff but would it do me right this time?  YES!  I find my phone in my purse, get it to the home screen, hit SHAZAM and begin to tag the song... dammit the chick in the show is talkin over the song... shazam can't figure it out.  I try again... my goodness the song is still playing pretty loud and clear too.  Ha!  she shuts up the the song is still goin...  Shazam!  I got the song title and artist.  [Sigh...] 

When you have something that will provide you with precious info on a dime, info that no one could give you just like that... if you don't know any other person that likes the same shit as you...and there for could NEVER tell you the name of that song playing right now.... you can't help but fall in love with this thing.  

I love you Iphone

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Valerie said...

shazam is probably the single most important application that iPhone has...

joh702 said...

BlackBerry has it too! Glad to know I'm not the only person who does that.. I try to play it off when i'm in public, and just lay it face down. hahaha! i luv it!