Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muchas Gracias

Thanksgiving day is tomorrow and I won't be able to spend it with my family. I won't be able to spend it with my husband's family either.... I'm working =(

Still, though I won't be there to grub and watch TV with the fam and play with the pups.... I would still like to express my gratitude for all that I am blessed with and while i'm at it, if i'm so inclined I may also gripe about a few things I've yet to receive. just kidding =)

Let's start with the superficial stuff, since that stuff comes easiest. I am thankful for all my teeth and fingers. My family wouldn't have had enough money when I was growing up for braces so I'm lucky and very thankful for having all my teeth in such good condition. I'm pretty accident prone and careless to put it mildly and being a mechanic I'm extremely thankful for still having all my fingers and two eyeballs. My eyes are afflicted with penguecula but all in all, after some near misses I am beyond thankful for my eyes.

I'd also like to thank my shingles ( yes I said shingles) for helping me quit smoking for good. Again being a careless klutz, I definitely am no stranger to pain but my Lord, shingles hurts. It was a mild case but painful enough to make me never want to CAUSE any more illnesses. Notable mention would be that the case wasn't too severe. Shingles often leads to suicide, sufferers trying to escape the pain so if there is anything I should be thankful for, in a year as good as I've had.... that would have to be it.

NOW the good stuff, I had the best birthday ever this year. I for some reason have not been too expressive and open about my birthday. I'd just as soon go the entire day without reminding people of the significance of the day's date, I guess I get that from my dad. This year was a pretty big milestone, I turned 30 and was shocked to see friends put a dinner together for me......sigh. Thanks peeps!

I married this year, and along with weddings comes all the support and usual gatherings. I was surrounded by love and support, I honestly am not accustomed to the attention and frankly all the love and support. Thanks everyone, can't wait to make it up to you all.

A memory had come to me earlier.... one I had completely forgotten. I was asleep at our little apartment in San Mateo. I was asleep and for some reason woke up to see a part of my dresser had just caught fire. Idiodic me had left a candle burning on one of the shelves on my dresser. A dresser I had painted with about 3 coats of black paint. WHAT IN THE WORLD woke me up? I can sleep through my alarm for over an hour, I sleep like a bear... now what woke me up... the fire had just started?!?! It was God for sure, so literally THANKS GOD for saving the apartment.

2008 has flown by but not without definitely making a mark on my life. I'd like to give thanks to my friends and family new and old. Thank goodness for all the new little babies like our new niece Isabelle, Heather's baby due this week and for Morty making another birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't make me get up out this chair, i will.....

As I remember it, when you're in the library... you're supposed to be quiet and make attempts to not disturb the people around you. I guess this isn't so anymore....
I was at the library in Redwood City a few weeks ago ( a greeeaaat library ) and I couldn't believe how noisy it was. There we people on their cell phones, homies walkin around calling to each other ( didn't know homies hung out at the library ). There we teenie bobbers chatting on their cells as they looked for a book, old ladies asking for assistance also not whispering. MY LORD, what happened in the time between when I was a kid and now that an age old rule of "ssshhh this is a library keep you voice down" has gone out the window.
Just yesterday I was at the South San Francisco library and found pretty much the same activity, an old lady talking like she needed to talk loud enough for her to hear herself in her hearing aid, or some kids running around all rambunctious in the " kid's area "... which isn't far enough for from the study area for me. I understand it's impossible to make everyone be courteous but what I don't understand is that the librarians just don't say it anymore....
SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! THIS IS A LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

oh my goooodness =) Tomorrow marks the beginning of a special time for me.... Christmas season! Whoo hoo... why so early you ask? or rather WTF you ask? Well tomorrow radio station 96.5fm Koit is going to start their non-stop Xmas music. I friggin LOVE it =) I never tire of it and continue to listen to my own Xmas songs clear into February. So starting early is just fine with me.

My favorite Xmas songs in no particular order:

Song For Winter's Night ...............Sarah McLaughlin
Green Christmas ....................... BareNaked Ladies
Christmas By The Bay ................. Tim Hockenberry
O Holy Night ................................ Josh Groban
Celebrate Me Home .............Aaron Neville or Kenny Loggins
Hard Candy Christmas ................. Dolly Pardon
Just A Kid ....................... Kenny Chesney
Baby It's Cold Outside ........Bing Crosby ( not the new one at all )
Christmas In San Francisco................. Vic Damone

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tic Tac sir?

I have an idea I'd like to try and implement but don't really know how.

I had a dentist appt. today, my regular cleaning I get every six months. Perfect teeth, no cavities, healthy gums, no problems.

Just like every time, this time was no different, the dental assistant hands me a little bag with a new toothbrush, floss and toothpaste. The thought occurred to me as I noticed the little plastic bag they were all package in. Instead of the usual whitish plastic bag, they had a cute pink plastic bag with a breast cancer awareness ribbon printed on it. Like a "gift bag".

It makes sense that our dentists would give us this little gift bag since we are supposed to change our toothbrush every 6 months. This is my thought. Many of us have an Oral B or Sonicare mechanical toothbrush, or even the Crest SpinBrush.

How wonderful would it be if everyone that received this little bag of goodies gave it to a homeless person. They don't have insurance, they probably don't have a toothbrush. How fortunate are we to be able to afford our own toothbrush... this freebie is a perfect opportunity to give to the less fortunate. If you don't have an electric rechargeable toothbrush, you probably at least like to pick your own particular style and grip. Making this freebie clutter.... It doesn't have to be.

Whenever I see free dog food or whatever at a store... I always grab as many as a i can so I can give it to the homeless people with dogs. I mean jeez if the human is hungry... how much food to you think the poor dog is getting?

I'm sure everyone gives when they can, but I wish every little gift bag the dentist gives away to us can somehow make it to a less fortunate person. Seriously, I usually just stuff it in a drawer to use once on vacation then throw it away. How sad, someone could get better use out of it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ear Muffs

Hahaha!  So funny....

At my parent's house it's  pretty hilarious to hear us talk to each other ( jokingly of course )... You'll hear us calling mom a skank hoe or trickin ass bitch.... You'll hear mom calling us "bitch" or my brother a fat twat!  haha... she was laughing today asking us why we never told her what "twat" really meant.  Uh.. what did she think it meant?  Haha she thought it was just another version  of "twit"....  Poor mom hope she doesn't say that in public.  That's "behind closed doors talk"!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brunch Party Of One

So it's Thursday, my Monday.  It's time to shower soon so I can start my swing shift, I've taken my dog on a long walk and boy did I need it.  Him too but more so me... I ate pumpkin pie this morning... ick, I don't even like pumpkin pie.  This one was different though.  It was a little burnt, which makes it something else entirely I think.  There's a hint of change to the taste, the crust which is already good is now harder and the black parts are nice and toasty crispy =)  Of course if you're me, you like to have more than one texture of food in you mouth at one time, so while you take little bites of burnt pumpkin pie you also toss a few cheetoes in.  Mmmm  I'm not sure if it's the flavors, the array of different textures or the fat...but this is delicious and there's no one here to compete with.  The whole pie, the whole bag is all mine.  Of course all that yumminess must be washed down right?  I make sure to drink while food is still in my mouth, again to enjoy all the foods, textures and tastes together.  I take gulps of orange juice.  MMMmmm  what a breakfast.  Or is that brunch?  It was already about noon when I feasted on all that.... whichev... it was a classic pig out and one I now don't have to regret because of the long walk I took my dog on. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sounds of Lazy

I can't help it... I cannot stop it... whNumbered Listy should I if THEY don't. Why should I stop giving the evil eye when THOSE people don't TRY to lift their feet when they walk.

It's a pet peeve, I just cannot stand it when I hear feet, shoes or slippers sliding on the ground. I think it's so unattractive and just so indicative of laziness. To me, dragging your feet is as much an impediment as a lisp or having a stutter. Only this is worse because it can be helped. It can be avoided.

I was at the grocery store the other day and apparently was totally OVER IT that night because I was looking at everyone like they were smelling like piss. It seemed everyone, whether they were dressed up for the night, dressed down for bed or just in their regular fobby ghetto gear ( wife beater, jogging pants and slippers ). Everyone was walking around sliding their feet like it felt good. I even came across this foot slider with his daughter of about 8-10 years old who was sliding even more than he was. What kind of father would raise his kid with such a bad habit?

Is is just me? With how much we spend on our shoes, isn't it safe to assume we'd all try to not ruin them?

In my opinion it's just disgusting, believe me I've got other pet peeves... for instance I don't like it when people chew with their mouth open. UGH gag me.........

Another? When people shove their car into reverse or drive when the car is still moving in the other direction.... GOD people don't you know what's going on in there? And then there are the people who don't apply their emergency brake!

Seriously... the foot dragging thing is so much more irritating. How nasty is it to look at the bottom of a person's shoe and see just one area of the sole all worn out? Ugh slap your self already! It's laziness, I grew up bow legged, I've got scoliosis but you won't ever catch me dragging my shoes on the ground, i eat like a pig and you won't ever catch me eating with my mouth open and I'm ALWAYS in a dam hurry but you will never catch me switching into drive while my car is still rolling backwards.

PERFECT! I just looked up the meaning of "impediment" and found a definition I totally agree with.


1. Now Rare an impeding or being impeded; obstruction
2. anything that impedes; specif.,
a. a speech defect; stutter, lisp, stammer, etc.
b. anything preventing the making of a legal contract, esp. of a marriage contract
c. R.C.Ch. anything making marriage or ordination invalid or illicit

This is perfect, just what i hoped it would say.... because seriously would you look twice at a guy that's dragging his kicks on the ground as he walks around and say YES I'll definitely sign a marriage contract with you! Didn't think so... it's an impediment that can totally be helped.