Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muchas Gracias

Thanksgiving day is tomorrow and I won't be able to spend it with my family. I won't be able to spend it with my husband's family either.... I'm working =(

Still, though I won't be there to grub and watch TV with the fam and play with the pups.... I would still like to express my gratitude for all that I am blessed with and while i'm at it, if i'm so inclined I may also gripe about a few things I've yet to receive. just kidding =)

Let's start with the superficial stuff, since that stuff comes easiest. I am thankful for all my teeth and fingers. My family wouldn't have had enough money when I was growing up for braces so I'm lucky and very thankful for having all my teeth in such good condition. I'm pretty accident prone and careless to put it mildly and being a mechanic I'm extremely thankful for still having all my fingers and two eyeballs. My eyes are afflicted with penguecula but all in all, after some near misses I am beyond thankful for my eyes.

I'd also like to thank my shingles ( yes I said shingles) for helping me quit smoking for good. Again being a careless klutz, I definitely am no stranger to pain but my Lord, shingles hurts. It was a mild case but painful enough to make me never want to CAUSE any more illnesses. Notable mention would be that the case wasn't too severe. Shingles often leads to suicide, sufferers trying to escape the pain so if there is anything I should be thankful for, in a year as good as I've had.... that would have to be it.

NOW the good stuff, I had the best birthday ever this year. I for some reason have not been too expressive and open about my birthday. I'd just as soon go the entire day without reminding people of the significance of the day's date, I guess I get that from my dad. This year was a pretty big milestone, I turned 30 and was shocked to see friends put a dinner together for me......sigh. Thanks peeps!

I married this year, and along with weddings comes all the support and usual gatherings. I was surrounded by love and support, I honestly am not accustomed to the attention and frankly all the love and support. Thanks everyone, can't wait to make it up to you all.

A memory had come to me earlier.... one I had completely forgotten. I was asleep at our little apartment in San Mateo. I was asleep and for some reason woke up to see a part of my dresser had just caught fire. Idiodic me had left a candle burning on one of the shelves on my dresser. A dresser I had painted with about 3 coats of black paint. WHAT IN THE WORLD woke me up? I can sleep through my alarm for over an hour, I sleep like a bear... now what woke me up... the fire had just started?!?! It was God for sure, so literally THANKS GOD for saving the apartment.

2008 has flown by but not without definitely making a mark on my life. I'd like to give thanks to my friends and family new and old. Thank goodness for all the new little babies like our new niece Isabelle, Heather's baby due this week and for Morty making another birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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