Wednesday, January 7, 2009

oh my gosh... GET AWAY!


This post contains rude, racist and stereotype material.  This post is intended for callus, opinionated and like-minded bigots.  

Have you ever entered a public restroom and seen a hand written sign that reads " please no flush paper in toilet"?  Well isn't it always a CERTAIN type of restaurant?  I'm gonna tip toe around what i'm trying to say here.... but you know what I mean..... mm hmmm yeah.

Well have you ever walked past a family in a store and wondered why in the hell are they yelling at each other, then realized that's just how loud there are?  Isn't it usually a certain nationality of people?  The same nationality of the restaurant aforementioned?  mmm hmmm

Now, do you find that those people usually smell like fart?  I do.  

I mean geez... how nasty is it to use the potty and see a garbage can full of other people's toilet paper?  Are you f*ing serious?  

Let me stop here before I say too much.... 

mm hmmm.  You know what I'm talkin about.  


Anne said...

mmm...hmm... i know who your talking about. lol!!

Valerie said...

ew.. just ew.. and yeah.. i know who you're talking about..