Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drunk dumb ass 16 year old kills a taxi cab driver

I haven't seen the whole report myself but this is what I know to be true. At around 6:15am on Monday 10/13... essentially Sunday night for those dumb asses drinkng underage till the next morning on GOD's day, a 16 year old kid was driving southbound on El Camino Real in San Mateo crossing 31st between TGI Fridays and Sears at the Hillsdale mall. He was speeding up the ramp where the road goes under Hillsdale Blvd, when he ran a red and T-bones a taxi cab on the driver's side and kills the unexpecting cabi. The dumbfuck then proceeds to run like a bitch only to be caught... so he can then be repeatedly fucked like a bitch for years to come. Hopefully. Of course they are keeping his name a secret because he's a minor, and because he's a minor he is being held in Juvenile hall. Boo throw his ass in jail and leave him there. What'll he learn in Juvi? He's gonna come out thinking punishment ain't so bad... It's ok to speed and run lights and kill people. Now he's some kind of big shot...

I cannot understand why this fucking idiot was speeding and running red lights on a holiday monday morning. You're drunk, don't drive. If you feel you must drive... drive slow. I would be the first person to slam my kid's face into the pavement if I ever found out he A) drove without a licence B) drank underaged C) ran a red light D) killed some poor guy driving a cab E) crashed my car. This kid did all 5.

After his little Jetta Tboned the cab, it caught fire and he took off running leaving his two passengers trapped in the back seat with multiple fractures and burns. They were pulled to safety by witnesses. He just ran off..... First she shows off how fast he drives..then he shows off how fast he runs.

The following is just random irrational angry pointless thoughts... Read if you want but you've been warned.

Maybe this is why I hope I have a girl. I work with all men i can tell you that a lot of them are assholes. I've played baseball in leagues with ALL guys and I can tell you a lot of them are assholes. At work we watch the news and one report after another it's the same thing.... a man raped this woman, 3 men robbed this building, a man kidnapped this young girl.... it never stops. Everyday, men are making fucked up decisions and ruining peoples retirement funds, men are mugging people on the street, throwing dogs into on coming traffic, ramming cows with fork lift forks... i've seen guys put a cat in a bag and slam it on a tree trunk. I've seen guys shoot a singing little bird out of a tree with a BB gun. WHY?

Are parents not teaching their children how to make wise choices... to stop and think before they act. In the past few years how many deaths have there been at the LA/SF baseball games. That i know of including the death in LA, I believe there have been 3.

This part is even more pointless ramble

Around my parent's house all you see are the middle class kids driving their parent's audi or SUVs and they're skirting around and speeding up the street at like 50mph. One even lost control and pulled a hit and run on our Cadillac. What is the point of acting so stupid, why do you need to run reds and skirt out and almost hit a person walking their dog? OMG people are so lucky i'm not a cop. I'd be that cop you all hate... I'd catch everyone that rolls through stop signs, I'd be that "terminator" cop waiting around the bend on Westborough blvd.

As you can see there is no structure to this blog or any of my blogs... i just write and write and write. Hopefully you can understand what i'm getting at though.


share-bare said...

i saw that on the newspaper yesterday and i work a some blocks away. crazy. i was furious when i read and heard about the whole thing. people don't think sometimes. ugh!

it's never safe anywhere...

Valerie said...

i love pointless ramblings...

and i heard about the crash in san mateo.. i feel the same as you.. throw him in prison.. he won't learn anything in juvi.

joh702 said...

i hope you have a girl, too! then you can tell her to sing and dance, and look for your cell phone, and she'll just respond by saying, 'OKAY!!!!' hahaha! =)