Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brunch Party Of One

So it's Thursday, my Monday.  It's time to shower soon so I can start my swing shift, I've taken my dog on a long walk and boy did I need it.  Him too but more so me... I ate pumpkin pie this morning... ick, I don't even like pumpkin pie.  This one was different though.  It was a little burnt, which makes it something else entirely I think.  There's a hint of change to the taste, the crust which is already good is now harder and the black parts are nice and toasty crispy =)  Of course if you're me, you like to have more than one texture of food in you mouth at one time, so while you take little bites of burnt pumpkin pie you also toss a few cheetoes in.  Mmmm  I'm not sure if it's the flavors, the array of different textures or the fat...but this is delicious and there's no one here to compete with.  The whole pie, the whole bag is all mine.  Of course all that yumminess must be washed down right?  I make sure to drink while food is still in my mouth, again to enjoy all the foods, textures and tastes together.  I take gulps of orange juice.  MMMmmm  what a breakfast.  Or is that brunch?  It was already about noon when I feasted on all that.... whichev... it was a classic pig out and one I now don't have to regret because of the long walk I took my dog on. 


Valerie said...

if i didn't know you.. i'd be grossed out..

but i like french fries and ice cream.. so.. i'm only a little as weird as you..

rolsuno said...

yeah your a weirdo..hahah jk