Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sounds of Lazy

I can't help it... I cannot stop it... whNumbered Listy should I if THEY don't. Why should I stop giving the evil eye when THOSE people don't TRY to lift their feet when they walk.

It's a pet peeve, I just cannot stand it when I hear feet, shoes or slippers sliding on the ground. I think it's so unattractive and just so indicative of laziness. To me, dragging your feet is as much an impediment as a lisp or having a stutter. Only this is worse because it can be helped. It can be avoided.

I was at the grocery store the other day and apparently was totally OVER IT that night because I was looking at everyone like they were smelling like piss. It seemed everyone, whether they were dressed up for the night, dressed down for bed or just in their regular fobby ghetto gear ( wife beater, jogging pants and slippers ). Everyone was walking around sliding their feet like it felt good. I even came across this foot slider with his daughter of about 8-10 years old who was sliding even more than he was. What kind of father would raise his kid with such a bad habit?

Is is just me? With how much we spend on our shoes, isn't it safe to assume we'd all try to not ruin them?

In my opinion it's just disgusting, believe me I've got other pet peeves... for instance I don't like it when people chew with their mouth open. UGH gag me.........

Another? When people shove their car into reverse or drive when the car is still moving in the other direction.... GOD people don't you know what's going on in there? And then there are the people who don't apply their emergency brake!

Seriously... the foot dragging thing is so much more irritating. How nasty is it to look at the bottom of a person's shoe and see just one area of the sole all worn out? Ugh slap your self already! It's laziness, I grew up bow legged, I've got scoliosis but you won't ever catch me dragging my shoes on the ground, i eat like a pig and you won't ever catch me eating with my mouth open and I'm ALWAYS in a dam hurry but you will never catch me switching into drive while my car is still rolling backwards.

PERFECT! I just looked up the meaning of "impediment" and found a definition I totally agree with.


1. Now Rare an impeding or being impeded; obstruction
2. anything that impedes; specif.,
a. a speech defect; stutter, lisp, stammer, etc.
b. anything preventing the making of a legal contract, esp. of a marriage contract
c. R.C.Ch. anything making marriage or ordination invalid or illicit

This is perfect, just what i hoped it would say.... because seriously would you look twice at a guy that's dragging his kicks on the ground as he walks around and say YES I'll definitely sign a marriage contract with you! Didn't think so... it's an impediment that can totally be helped.


Anne said...

i love how you call them foot sliders. haha! that's a good one! yeah, i have to agree with that. you can also add people who cut their nails in public (i catch them all the time on Bart and Muni!). it's like couldn't you have waited till you got home to do that? but on Bart and Muni... you're dealing with all kinds of special characters. lmao!

joh702 said...

I only use my emergency break whenever I'm in Cali, but out here in the valley, it's all flat land. Hopefully that doesn't annoy you when you get in my car!

Spike said...

Never said I wasn't a woman of double standards... sooo since it's you.... =)

Those are the acts that irritate me but I know I have a bunch of habits that may irritate other people.... I tailgate for instance.

Anne, you're right about that GROSS! At my job, the guys floss in the break room right after they eat, and you can always here someone cutting their nails at their toolbox. Ick!