Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ok let me just start with it's about 80 something degrees outside.  I'm visiting my parents house cause I miss my DVR.  Of course anytime I pass by my dad asks me to do this and do that... help him with this and help his with that.....  Of course I don't mind I see it as my job and my pleasure to help.  However, I HATE working on his 2 old Dodge Caravans.  The '90 is blue with wood grain panels and the '92 is grey, and they're are both just terribly hurt and embarrassing.  Inside and out.  I imagine none of you are too familiar with them but in case you are, you've sen that the hood and roof are alway bald and rusty.   I can't tell you how many times i've been to the Pick-n-Pull or Pull-Your-Part trying to keep those stupid vans alive.  

Well I'm in the middle of all my Judge Alex and Judge Milian shows when low and behold....Dear old dad wants me to help him with the blue van.  The rear window wiper is constantly running and it's draining the battery. it's in the 80's outside and i'm working on this hoopty.  I'm really just soooo embarrassed that i'm out on the street in clear view ( not our driveway ) taking interior panels out trying to find the right connectors to disconnect.  We're holding up the rear hatch with a wooden stick, the fuckin van almost didn't start.  Of course with it running i'm standing in front of the tail pipe while I try to get this wiper to stop running.  UGH,  whatever this is boring I'm sure but I get it done.... BUT to make my point.  My dad is driving it around to charge up the batteries.... it dies at a stop sign.  Now he needs to drive with a foot lightly pressing on the throttle while his left food is on the brakes. I'm sure it's the fuel pump or something but for the love of Pete!!!!!!  Just get rid of them.  I don't wanna spend anymore time on these fuckin vans.  I'd rather spend my time at their house landscaping or something.... like watching Judge Judy or other educational programs.   


joh702 said...

The notorious blue van that you hit a jogger (she was walking at the time) with!?!?! WOW, memories! and before that, this is the same blue van that your mom used to pick you up at my house with before any of us got our license! your pops just has a hard time letting it go, that's all.

Valerie said...

talk about beating a dead horse!!!

yeah.. dad needs to give up on those damn things!! waste of money and time.. i think if they're worth anything.. drop them off at the pick and pull yourself. :)