Tuesday, September 23, 2008

These are the times in our life, when bad things in life are so few

I have got to say....not a bad way to hit 30.

I expected to have quick dinner with "hubby" and his brother for my 30th birthday eve. There are a few reasons I wasn't feeling like goin out that night, I couldn't understand why Charles wouldn't let me just hang at home. I wasn't feeling like I looked my best at all.. did a sloppy job with my make up, gained a bunch of weight and totally wasn't feeling my outfit or the red Judy Garland shoes I came out with. etc... etc...blah blah I digress

Charles had us driving around for about 2 hours (seriously... we left his house at 6) by 8:oopm I was already calling him a retard and a moron but he stayed sweet and calm. Long story short... we walk into Butterfly (a cute restaurant sitting on the water in the Embarcadero area)at about 8:15pm. What do I see? Chris sitting at a table like I expected, so I start to walk towards his table and.............

SURPRISE!! 2 more tables beside him are full our friends there to celebrate my birthday! OMG! My birthday!? Yeah ok a tear or two may have escaped but they we most definitely tears of joy because that was a true and perfect surprise!

Some sneaky people made sure they did their part to set it up for perfection... "aaw I'm so bummed i won't be there for your 30th".... " yeah sure have a BBQ at my house" .... " yeah maybe i'll come out to dinner, call me up". Oh and then, there's Mario. . . . . "i'm working at the Hornblower" as we run into him just as we enter Butterfly. That shoulda tipped me off but he was quite believable I tell you.

I was totally tickled hot pink that night to see so many friends there to spend quite a bit of money for a not so tasty chunk of chicken for me and my birthday. I hope they had a good time because, hearing that "SURPRISE!" and seeing all of them there for me was one of the best feelings i've felt. Thanks everyone that was there and super thanks to all you that put the shin dig together.


Valerie said...

dang!! i'm bummed i didn't get to be there!!

but i'm glad you had a good time!!!

love you and Happy Birthday Again!

share-bare said...

glad to be a part of your special night. hope to see you soon!

joh702 said...

awesome, it worked! if only u heard the 5-day preparation convos. hilarious! btw, am i the only one who liked the chicken?? lol! greeaattt, my tastebuds are all outta whack, so whatevs!

rolsuno said...

i liked the chicken! but i was to sleepy to eat

Anne said...

I wish I could've been there but as you know, me and Sharon were there... we just never made it inside. I'm so happy you enjoyed your surprise party. Happy Dirty 30!