Thursday, September 18, 2008

No favors please, I'm fine where I am!

So I was rudely awoken this morning at 11:05am with a call from human resources. At Samtrans we've just completed a hiring cycle, it's rare that they hire for the mechanic positions and the process is pretty laggard. I applied back in March and actually passed the written exam. The "hands on" test was another story, I failed miserably and had to suffer through the waiting and embarrassment of everyone knowing I failed, how I failed....why I failed and simply being one of few that failed. Last month they were hiring again, this time for the outside public and for anyone [inside who'd like to try again]. I told her I'll pass, I couldn't bare the attention and heartbreak of publicly failing again... everyday it's the same questions while we wait for the results...." how'd you do?, how was the test? any results yet? " it's such a build up to only have to finally follow it up with " yeah I got my letter I didn't pass =( ". So when they opened it up again in June, I didn't apply.

A lot of guys did and I did my best to tell them what was on the test and where I went wrong. I personally didn't want to go thru with it again. However if I did reapply, I would skip the written test and go straight to the hands on test. I knew this and everyone KEPT telling me that. I know!!!! I told them honestly I'm not interested I can't deal with the heartache or the let down again. Such a girl thing to say in such a masculine work environment but WTF I am a girl!!

So everyone in this 2nd round takes their written test, they wait for their responses...some are invited to take the hands on..... NOW here's the point to this long post............. My friend Ric is pulled into the office by one of the graveyard supervisors after our shift. He tells him not to talk about the test too much, ( he means to me ) cause "2 people who took the test in March are complaining they weren't invited to retake the hands on even though they could've applied". I'm working the math and there were only 2 of us that didn't pass. Of course Ric told me right away cause we carpool. I am of course offended that the other guy that failed through such a fit he didn't get "invited" when he should've reapplied.... probably put my name out there too that I should get another chance. Now I look like I want a favor or preferential treatment from the usual process. NO THANKS!

Point is... I told the lady Brenda at HR " no thanks, I understand the hiring and testing process. I had the opportunity to reapply and would have if I were interested. Truth is...I'd love the extra money and the opportunity to move up and prove to everyone that I CAN pass this test. Unfortunately my pride won't let me fail so publicly again AND for that supervisor to say it that way..." 2 people are complaining they weren't INVITED to retake" fuck that!!! I did no such thing and for that will NOT accept such an unprecedented offer at Samtrans. I won't take any favors.... the other guy can go right on ahead. Good Luck to him! I don't envy the route he had to take to get thet position... My pride is too high for all that static and possible let down.

ok..... RANT over!

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