Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That's money gone... I'm back to low risk!

ok so I know some people are really losing money and suffering substantial loss to their savings and retirement with what's been going on with the financial market and on wall street.  Well I too have been hit a little.  I'm not big into stocks and funds but my retirement account lost $1100 last week!!!  AAAAAHHHH  dammit...I woulda pulled the money out and reallocated but I was stuck at Charles' and didn't have the account info or phone numbers.... there you go $1100 gone.    

Just more irritation to add to the inconvenience of not being near my computer, my clothes, my files, my DVR, my shoes, my purses, everything.  AAAHH!   


Valerie said...

i get the feeling you don't like being a luggage wife??

casey is putting money into gold.. maybe you should look into that...

Anne said...

i've been hit, too. last week i lost over $2000 and then i transferred everything into low risk options and the following day i had a gain of $1300. do what you need to do... it's your money.