Monday, September 15, 2008

Screwed The Pooch

This weekend I turn the ripe old age of 30. I really really wanted to have a BBQ at a park with access to a softball field, but of course with the last minute planning.... I wasn't able to get anything but Sellick park. Now anyone that knows Sellick knows that it's cold, damp, dirty and soggy, and anyone that know Sellick knows it's not worth a $105 rental. Ideally I would have gotten my hands on a picnic area at Beresford in San Mateo. Nice and sunny, parks for kids, basketball court, baseball field and it's clean! All for a whopping $40!! Dammit! I'm usually on top of things and would have had this booked weeks ago if I were at home =(

I haven't celebrated a birthday since I was 18... and the low lives I was hangin with back then didn't even remember it was my birthday when I turned 21 ( =( again ) . Whatev, I know I don't wanna go to a club or lounge. I suppose I can keep myself occupied with some shopping and grubbing.

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Valerie said...

i'm sorry katie..

if i was going to be around this weekend i'd totally bring you out to dinner or something.. or i'd go shopping with you..

but kellianne is getting married this weekend and the ticket has been booked for months.

when i get back we'll hang out. i'll take you and mom out to dinner..

sorry you won't get to have a big shindig.. let's invite al's friends back over the house.. hahahahahaha... tell them to bring their light sabres.. :)

love ya..