Monday, September 15, 2008

It's hard to do homework in bed

So i'm calling my self a student these day but have yet to do any homework. I've got my cool backpack...with 2 books that cost me $240!! I've got 2 very cool looking composition books from the "back to school" sales, and I've been carrying around this laptop... but I have yet to do some homework....I've taken notes on the videos, taken notes on what i'm expected to do for homework...but everytime I try to read my lesson, I get lazy.... well duh! I'm laying in my bed. I know what I need to do. Tomorrow, or the next day ( can't be pushy ) i'm gonna grab a table at
Starbucks or a cumfy chair at Barnes and Nobles and just have at it! I'm gonna sit with one leg up on the arm of the cumfy chair and just handle it.... I hope, oh geez am I gonna waste my time and money again. If i were my kid i'd take my phone away and tell me NO MORE TV! and go do some squats!!


Valerie said...

back to school.. BAH!!!

i hope you have better luck than i did..

Anne said...

hey, i remember you telling me about you going to starbucks to "study." how did it work out? well, i'm back in school too... so if you want... we can add study buds to our gym partner status. haha...