Tuesday, September 30, 2008

USA Daily

So I have this habit of butting my nose into the business of strangers I come across.  Whether at the mall, the gym, class or in line at the post office... If I see someone doing something wrong or could use some Un-Solicited Advice.  I've been told by friends and family that I should try to keep my USA ( if you will )  to myself.  

I've got time and you're reading this anyway so I'll share some that I can remember....  then I'll update you as they occur in the future.  You never know I may get slapped one day.  

I was at the gym with my friend Anne when I saw some asian lady on the leg press machine. She had her feet pressing the platform with her legs positioned waaaay to low and I can see how she was holding her knees, and the look on her face showed that she was already hurting... um hello?! this is a leg exercise not a knee cap exercise... so I walked over and told her to position her legs higher then I proceeded to explain to her why and why her knees were hurting.  She easily coulda said " Thanks BubbleButt but I know what I'm doin! I'm obviously more fit than you! "  She appreciated it ( i think ) and I went on my way ( and by on my way I mean working off the bubble butt ).  

A good one was the time I told some young cholo in my ROP class how to get rid of his acne problem.  I've got a great acne secret and it's really cheap.  So why wouldn't he appreciate free advice from a person outside his peer group of cholos and cholas right?  I don't think he minded and he never shot me so it was cool I think....  It either didn't work or his acne was too severe.  hmmm I tried =)

We've got this wall around us when we're out in a store or in an elevator for instance.  We walk around and keep to ourselves... we don't make eye contact, we don't bother smiling or acknowledging the people around us.  I feel it's fine to tell a stranger "bless you" when they sneeze, if I come across a person needing some of the precious info in my little pee brain why shouldn't I offer some advice or info?  Sometimes they appreciate it and sometimes they look at me like I'm just putting up a diversion for my plan to pick pocket them.  I don't care I kinda like the interaction with strangers.  I've spent enough keeping to myself and walking around in a bubble.  Also I'm often out shopping or in lines solo anyway so this keeps in interesting... we should all try it.  

Be careful though...I was friendly with a guy at the library a few months ago... turns out he's a scary creep.... kinda long story.  


joh702 said...

ur hilarious. every person has a struggle in life that they're battling... sometimes it's just best not to point them out or acknowledge that you notice. their day might have been going fine until a stranger reminds them about it all over again. greeaaatt.

but keep saying "bless you" when someone sneezes! THAT is a very polite acknowledgment!

Valerie said...

and don't start up conversations with men is business suits waiting for the samtrans bus.. they'll start whacking off beside you.. it was weird.. and no.. it didn't traumatize me.. much..