Monday, September 29, 2008

whoo hoo life just got better!

ok so it's not as exciting as the title but it really is to me!!!  I love to read but with my dumb ass class having a dumb ass book that's so boring my dumb ass can't stay interested, I haven't been able to get into any new books.  =(

I've discovered a way to keep up with my favorite author!!  I went to the library and picked up two books on CD!!  So with my commute from South City to San Carlos every day, or just on errands, I can listen to my books =)  

Yay!!  I'm a nerd I know =( but I love it.  

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Valerie said...

if i drove farther distances than just the 5 minutes it take me to get to work every morning.. i'd do that too! i tried to get into a book that way.. but 5 minutes at a time just doesn't really grab you. haha..